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By 2024, India’s e-commerce industry is expected to increase by 84% and rise to $11 billion.  The study by KPMG and FICCI says that by 2025, India’s direct sales enterprise will expand at RS 645 billion.

It is a well-known fact that “Learning gives Earnings”. Sales are the only industry that has created the maximum millionaires and billionaires in the world.  But the majority of the people are not enjoying the delight phase of the career in sales due to wrong knowledge, old sales techniques and improper implementation which leads to frustration, stress and less revenue for the organization.  Here comes a Decision. DO YOU WANT TO 3X YOUR SALES? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEARN THE SALES TECHNIQUES OF THE 21ST CENTURY? DO YOU WANT TO LEARN “THE SALE’S SUTRA”?




During my corporate sales journey of more than 10 years, from a junior scale to Country Division Head in the Field and Digital Sales, I learned from Top National and International Business Coaches like Bhatnagar Brothers, Sidz, Avi Arya, Geetika Saigal, Heemish Madan, TS Madan, Dan Lok, Grant Cardon about effective real sales technique, copywriting and the secrets of high ticket sales closing.


Meet Your Trainer: Dr VIJAY VIRAJ

A doctor is known for his dedication to putting 8-10 years of the in-depth study of the Human Body to serve humanity with his knowledge, experience, and wisdom. So the successful habit of an in-depth study of the subject helped Dr. Vijay Viraj to learn Sales Skills, Copywriting and High Ticket Closing more professionally from National and International Trainers and Coaches.

Here is the profile Snapshot:

  • MBA from Swiss e-learning Institute, Switzerland.
  • 10+ years experience in Medical-Dental Equipment Business.
  • 7+ years of experience in Digital Sales and Marketing.
  • Author, Writer, Speaker, and Corporate Trainer
  • Consultant and Coach Digital Business Fundamentals and Setup.
  • Certified Digital Business Fundamental, NLP and Life Coach.
  • Formerly at PGIMS-Rohtak, Safdarjang Hospital Delhi, Apollo Hospital Delhi.

Learn How to 3X your sales in less than 6 months by Sales Strategies, Copywriting and High Ticket Sales Closing techniques given by amazing millionaire and billionaire business tycoons and coaches of the world.

Sales Sutras

Learn unique sales strategies of the 21st century based on Neuro-Linguistic Science, which can be applied to any industry you work for.


Copywriting is a powerful weapon (Bhramastra) for massive sales on any digital platform. Learn the behaviour science of the customer behind digital sales.

High Ticket Closing

High ticket sales closing is very different from the regular one. It is a scientific art where you learn mind reading, body language, NLP and behavioural science to close the deal.

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Sales Career by Learning High Income Skills.

How can I achieve Financial Abundance and Freedom??

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get. After all, everyone is working hard daily to earn good money. Here is what I learned from my own journey.


See, we know that we have to learn before earning money. There are 3 things which one should be clear.

  1.  You know what you don’t know. It gives you clarity that you can learn to improve your life.
  2. You don’t know what you know. It shows you have potential but you are not aware of that, where a coach or mentor plays a very important role.
  3. You don’t know what you don’t know. This is the most dangerous aspect where a person needs more deep analysis to crack his ego and has to take rebirth from his false beliefs.

 Most of the people don’t even know what to learn, how to learn, where to learn, when to learn and who to learn from.

Step 1. Know yourself first.  Say Thank You God because He has given everyone some strength and uniqueness. Explore it either through self-talk, through a mentor or through any personality test.

Step 2. Build a winning attitude and mindset first. 

Step 3. Find a mentor who can show you the path. Learn skills, implement under supervision of him. 

Step 4. Do not become a consumer of freebies things available on social media. Free things give information, not knowledge and wisdom. Instead, read books around the areas you need help with. 

Step 5. Don’t feel you are in race or competition to anyone. You are the only player in your life. Learn to improve yourself, not to prove anyone. 

Step 6. Just Don’t learn everything, First Implement what you know already. No need to become a professor, become an Action taker.

Step 7. Whatever you learn, use that to improve your current life situation.

Step 8. Teach and help others in the same things you are learning to master your subject.

Step 9. Learn high-income skills to monetize your knowledge, expertise and experience.

If you want to learn from me, apart from our courses the following are some of the programs I offer:

  1. Semi-annual Digital Business System Mentorship Program.
  2. One to One coaching
  3. 7 weeks of Sales Sutra Blueprint.
  4. Inner Circle Business Partnership Program
  5. Master Trainer Program
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Learn How to 3X your sales in just 6 months by Sales Strategies, Copywriting and High Ticket Sales Closing techniques given by amazing millionaire and billionaire business tycoons and coaches of the world.

We carry different approach.

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We are different in our approach and believe in a customizable Business Plan for every client or Personality Trait Individual. You can copy a learning system but implementation with a mindset is different for everyone. So we don’t provide all the copy-paste system. We spend good time on every client to understand his strength and plan a profitable and achievable Business System accordingly. 

Best Industry Leaders

One person can master 3-4 skills. But a successful Business needs multiple skills and a team. So we are a team of experts with vast experience to make you successful.

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The best thing about learning is "It is a continuous procedure". So through an online platform, you can learn anytime and anywhere. Lifetime access, weekly live classes any many more surprises.

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Achievement always makes us happy. So we provide a course completion certificate which enhances your confidence and beauty of your CV.

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