5 Most Common reason for the failure of Goal Setting

There’s no doubt that setting goals is crucial to the success of an individual. Nonetheless, some people still fail even after making plans.

Some of the reasons below are the causes of their downfall.

1. Setting Unrealistic Targets

Motivational speakers often inspire and encourage people to dream big to unleash their potential. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. However, some goals aren’t realistic because of the timeframe. For example, if your goal is to participate in a marathon, you’ll be making a mistake if you sign up for one next month.

You can participate in an event the month after. However, it’s going to take some superpowers to win one. You’ll have to train and build your fitness steadily. So, a month might not be enough to get you ready to compete with professionals.

2. Limited Focus

Another mistake goal-setters make that doesn’t make them goal-getters is focusing on a few areas. For example, you might have a target to increase your sales by 20% next year. This goal is admirable. Nonetheless, it’s limited. Why? You are only focusing on your career.

You cannot make this year your best ever if you only have improvements in your job. There should be targets you want to meet in other areas of your life. The issue with a limited goal is that it’s susceptible to being affected by other parts of your life. For example, if you don’t make some changes in the way you handle your marital relationship, it might affect your career.

So, when writing your list of goals for the next year, think about other aspects too. Don’t only commit to increasing your sales by 15 percent, applying for a promotion, and reading one leadership book each month.

3. Failure to Correctly Estimate Completion Time

Some people make the mistake of not getting the time frame for a project correctly. This failure is sometimes due to a lack of information. For example, you might want to start a business and set a target of expected yield within a time frame.

Indeed, you have done well by setting the expected completion time. However, you might be underestimating the time frame. You might just be expecting things to work out within that period because that is your desire. Nonetheless, you need to consult experts in that field to know the ideal completion time to avoid disappointments.

4. Not Learning from Your Mistakes

No one wants to fail. Nonetheless, you can become a better person when you learn from your experience. Psychologists believe that an intelligent person is that individual who can become wiser by picking lessons from the past.

When setting your goals, you should be able to use your experience to know what is not realistic. If you don’t use the mistakes from last year as a springboard for the new year, nothing will change.

5. Social Influences Affect Goal Choice

The kind of people you have around you affects the kind of targets you have. There’s a high tendency of reducing or altering your goals due to the influence of society or the people in your life. A 2008 study revealed that social influence is a strong determinant of target choice. You are the average of 5 people with whom you spend the maximum time of your life.

If you are under the wrong influence of people around you, then you can choose wrong goals and there are higher chance that you will face more challenges in accomplishing your Goals.


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