Conflict Management in Office or Work Place: How to Resolve

People who are able to manage conflicts in a better way have similar personality traits. These include having integrity, charisma, and being credible. Plus they have strong leadership skills.
A good manager or management team will be proficient at communicating the company’s position and expectations. When this communication falters, conflict normally arises. This happens for the simple reason that employees are confused about what is expected of them. When rules and working terms are clearly defined, less confusion results in minimal conflicts.

So this means that the leaders and managers in any company need to possess good management and communication skills. They need to be adept at managing people and defining their roles within the company. Not everyone handles conflicts in the same way, and this applies to employees and leaders. Some people try to diffuse a conflicting circumstance by adding humor to the situation, others may tend to walk away or avoid those involved instead.

Quite often conflicts appear over and over again and this is due to personality issues at work. Of course, not everyone is expected to like each other, but it is necessary to find a way to work together. If you find yourself in a situation where you just don’t like a fellow coworker, your first response is to avoid them as much as possible. While this might work out well if you both work in different departments. What is going to happen when you have to work together?

When this happens you may find yourself drawn into arguments and conflicts over the smallest thing. You probably can’t even agree on how to get the task at hand completed. Because you don’t like each other you are just not communicating. There is no cooperation whatsoever and tension just builds and builds. Eventually both or one of you boils over and a huge conflict begins.

It may take a supervisor to interfere to get the conflict resolved. Is this the ideal resolution? Not at all. Instead, you want to acknowledge that you don’t like each other. Then both agree on a way that you can satisfactorily work together for the necessary time period. If you both recognize the need to do
this, so that you don’t put your jobs in jeopardy, you are both handling the conflict well.

So remember that the best way to deal with a conflict is by recognizing the warning signs and taking action in advance. This way everyone involved can stay on track and not have to worry about petty conflicts interfering.

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